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How to choose the right locksmith for the job and avoid Locksmith Scams!

The internet can be a wonderful but hazardous place filled with many cons and scams. So how do we weed out the honest from the lie? What happens if you need to have services rendered for your home, car, or business? Where do you look?

Here are some tips and tricks on how to separate the fake from the reputable.

First, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Opening Car Door
The Scam: Use Caution!

Have you ever gone online to do a search for a locksmith in your area and the search comes up with something that says “Locksmith 17$ service call”⇐ This is a Locksmith Scam, don’t fall for this.


Customers that are stressed make impulsive choices. Scammers realize this and try to take advantage of you when you’re in a vulnerable position. They know that you’ll do whatever you have to in order to get back in, so they try and bill you for as much as they can. Since they can get their money fast, you’ll often find scammers and crooks in markets with speedy payouts and frantic consumers.


There are many types of locksmith scams and busting your door or lock for a routine lock-out situation is a typical one. Charging you for the replacement part is a way for them to make more money. These locksmiths appear to be local, and will say almost anything to get the job. But really, they are actually private contractors getting business from a call center in a different city, state, or even country.


The Web is full of locksmiths promoting fifteen or twenty-two dollar lockout services. Don’t fall for this bait-n-switch technique. Believing a professional locksmith will get you back into your vehicle that inexpensively is unreasonable. Prices for lockout services in San Diego (where we are located) usually range from $60 to $120, depending on the locksmith and situation. 


So…How to weed out the scams from the honest local professional?



  1. Be proactive and do your homework. Get familiar with and choose a Locksmith company BEFORE you need one. Search locally (with zip code or city) and read reviews.

    2. Give the locksmith of your choice a direct call. Ask where their Home Headquarters store is.          Ask multiple questions pertaining to your situation. Get specific.

    3. Ask for an estimate over the phone. Text or E-mail pictures of your situation when possible.

    4. Does the technician sound knowledgeable about the situation?

    5. Ask if there is a SERVICE FEE.

    6. Ask for a COMPLETE PRICE.

    7. Mention and ensure there are NO HIDDEN FEES.

    8. Ask about HOW long it will take to get to your location, WHO is coming, and WHAT kind of            vehicle they are driving.


    9. Ask about licensing, bonding, and qualifications.

    10. Reiterate again, the end and final price. Remember after all, you are calling someone to                 help when you are in a vulnerable position and need assistance fast.


We hope we were able to shed some light on these scam issues as there are many. Locksmith’s pride themselves on delivering high quality, honest work. But even they must jump through the scamming loop holes and reputations to be able to provide the best service possible. If you feel you were scammed into a service or feel that you were improperly treated by a business please file a complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).


Do you have any questions? Perhaps want to share a story or insight of your own? Please feel free to contact us below! We would LOVE to hear from you!



We may be your last resort, but YOU are our FIRST priority!

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